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Soon my beloved our wish will be fulfilled Rose You are a beatiful girl. for the most beautiful and horny woman in the world 
I want to eat strawberry with you my love ???? Bouquet of roses
To the one and only, with love Bouquet of roses You know why ? To the one and only Bouquet of roses Merry christmas love
To my dear beloved hard working love I will NEVER hurt you To one i misssssssss To a beloved flower Heart Rose
One for your hand and one for my hand, and throw the key away Love you Strawberry Sexy Heart Принцесса
Mmmmmmm See you soon Mask Plush bear Strawberry Люблю тебя ❤️
Heart Rose Kiss Bunny Strapon люблю!
Heart Chocolate box Rose
Ważne detale -Y0urG0ddes7-
Orientacja seksualnaHeteroseksualny
Wzrost>160cm - 170cm
Waga46 - 55 kg
JęzykiRosyjski, Angielski
Włosy łonoweWygolona
Co mnie podnieca
gentle hot man
O mnie
Always like to meet new nice people!
Co mnie nie kręci
don't be rude
Co robimy na kamerkach
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Congratulate me in a special way . this desire includes (bouquet, champagne, dinner, gift)
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You are the sweetest and nicest person against me, I promise I will never forget you. I really hope our deal turns into something in the near future. I can't wait.
Ахерено красивая и сексуальная девушка! Пушка бомба малышка)
It’s not easy to love a girl like you, such a wonderful time we have together today ❤️😘
You are always in my mind and my heart
Today was my lucky day, I won some photos of the one and only for me ❤️❤️
You're the best best girl on earth, I love you unspeakably much.
You make every man in a good mood, i have found the Best girl on Earth, or is it a dream
Oh My God! Amazing and Stunning!
Так мило, что ты облизываешь этот комментарий) А ведь в нем нет ни капли валерьянки!
My interests!

bored blah blah blah Sticker by Cavan Infante

Real, smart and charming, I enjoy simple moments, just as much as I like passionate and fun conversations!

I am an introvert but yet very human oriented. Besides the evidence of loving Netflix, traveling, good food and good music, I also love cats, I like to talk about any topics!

25 Photos Proving That Cats Are the Cutest Things on Earth

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.

Dream date

I dress up nicely for him, he comes, picks me up and carries me to the car.

We drive down to a beautiful place near the beach. He takes me to the place where we would be dining.

There is a beautiful small canopy decorated with flowers n lights just near the beach. On the table, undercthr canopy, is a spread of delicious food with candles and roses and a bottle of red wine.

I am just amazed and truly happy and totally blushing at seeing all this and all my tiredness just vanishes in thin air.

We eat and share a lot of laughs and thoughts with each other. Once the dinner is over, we go for a long walk on the beach, hand in hand, talking, teasing each other, running around playfully and kissing with love.

After dinner is done, we come back home and lose ourselves in each other for the rest of the night.

I know this may sound very filmy n cliched, but it is my dream of a perfect date.

ÐаÑÑинки по запÑоÑÑ beach romantic date